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As of January 2015, with three graduating classes:

98.3% (353/359) graduates passed the National Secondary Exam

  • 100% from the Class of 2012 passed (118/118)
  • 96.7% from the Class of 2013 passed (118/122) - 2 of these students scored the highest marks in the country and 4 scored in the top 10 in the country on the English section!
  • 98.3% from the Class of 2014 passed (117/119*) - 1 of these students scored a perfect score! Read more here
*1 graduate from the Class of 2014 did not sit for the National Exam.
  • 11 students have received scholarships through the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship program to attend Universities with free tuition, room and board, a stipend, and airfare (McGill University - 5, Arizona State - 3, UBC - 2, Ashesi University - 1)
  • 7 students have been chosen as Bridge2Rwanda Scholars, a rigorous program that prepares Rwandan students to compete for international scholarships to American Universities 
  • 1 student is a professional tour guide at Akagera National Park in Rwanda
  • To date, more than 170 ASYV graduates have successfully completed the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) intensive training and received an "international certificate" acknowledging their accomplishment from OLPC. 

Matriculation List (2012-2014) 

International (25 graduates): African Leadership University; Agnes Scott College, Arizona State University; Ashesi University; Kenya Utalii College; McGill University; Mount Kaiser University; St. Lawrence University; Texas Christian University; University of British Columbia; University of Pennsylvania; University of Rochester; Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.

National (179 graduates): Adventist University of Central Africa; Akilah Institute; Catholic University of Rwanda; Gitwe School of Nursing; Independent Institute of Lay Adventists of Kigali; Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre Kigali; Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education; Institute of Applied Sciences; Institute of Kigali Management; Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre; I.S.P.E.G.; Jomo Kenyatta University; Kepler University; Kibogora Polytechnic; Kigali Health Institute; Kigali Independent University; Kigali Institute of Education; Kigali Institute of Management; Kigali Institute of Science and Technology; Mahatma Ghandi University; Mount Kenya University; Rusizi International University; Rwanda Tourism University; St Joseph's Integrated College; U.A.A.C.; U.N.A.T.E.K.; Umutara Polytechnic University; University Libre of Kigali; University of Kigali; University of Rwanda; University of Tourism and Technology UTB

Employed Alumni 

Job Sector Breakdown

Other Data

Evaluation results from our first 2012 graduating class show the following:

• Before coming to ASYV, 

  • 95%  lived in rural villages without water, electricity, and  lacked sufficient clothing or food prior to coming to the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village.    
  • Half had lost both parents to genocide and were living with relatives, siblings, in an orphanage, or alone.  
  • 74% had lost their mother and father to genocide, disease, accidents, or assassination. 


• Upon graduating from ASYV:

  • 99% (117*/118) passed the most competitive national secondary school exam (A level), compared with 88% nationwide, 10 percentage points higher. *Note: The 118th graduate passed the national exam on the second attempt
  • 99% passed the most competitive national secondary school exam (A level) on the first try, compared with 71.5% of students in private schools, 27.5% percentage points higher.