Sports Enrichment Program Kicks Off at ASYV

February 19, 2012

SYV Weekly Highlights

January 23 – 27

   On a perfect sunny Tuesday (January 24th), over 100 enrichment year boys and girls could be found out on the sports field laughing, running, playing and learning about sportsmanship. Each EP kicked off their hour and a half with a brisk jog around the length of the field. The students were then led through various stretches and technique building activities by their respective EP leaders.

One unfamiliar to the past lives of the ASYV students might look out onto the field and simply see students exercising, however upon learning about the obstacles many of our students have overcome, you will see that what takes place out on that field are small transforming miracles. The sports EPs are an essential ingredient in our mission to repair the mind, body and soul of each ASYV child.

Sports EP

Two weeks ago each Senior 3 and 4 student sat in an exposition held in the dining hall and heard about the benefits of each Art and Sport EP. The students then submitted a form detailing their first and second choice for the EPs in their respective family time. This information was then submitted to the Informal Education department where a list of students in each selected EP was compiled. The following is a breakdown of how many students are in each EP:




Modern Art-20

Traditional Art-21

Recording Studio-13

Photography and Movie-making-46





Girls Basketball-44

Boys Basketball-26

Girls Volleyball-40

Boys Volleyball-25

Girls Football-44

Boys Football-29