Poem: We Are The New Blood

January 15, 2014

WE ARE THE NEW BLOOD - Written and Submitted by Innocent, ASYV Imbuto Class of 2013 Graduate

No more tears will flow on our faces

No more painful life will be there

No more orphans will suffer anyhow

No more slaves of poverty in our country

‘Cause we are the new blood.

We are the new blood, yes we can

Rwanda is not the place where poverty, ignorance and sorrow

Must always be, it is the place where solutions are made,

Where the heroes are born and the place Where good

Leadership is always the mirror for other countries.

We are the new blood

We are the hope of our country

We were not born to suffer and cry

We were born to make a difference and sacrifice our lives if necessary.

They may call us inferior 

But our results show that we are superior

We lost more than one million Rwandan heroes 

Some countries never believe it

But we don’t care about who we are to other people

‘Cause we care about who we are to our selves 

Not because we are selfish but because 

Some people misunderstand our history and dignity.

We have a journey with no claustrophobia

Our hands are connected like magnates

Our common goal is to reshape our country

We are the entrepreneurs, no more poverty

We passed through hardships and many circumstances

We are not interested in reciting the Rwandan problems 

‘Cause we are very busy to find out solutions of those problems.

Hello grand mother Anne Heyman,

You stand like a man

You speak like a president

You defend like a royal person

You smile like an angel

You really deserve to be a hero

I call you a soldier.

Our country does not grow by chance

It is by the spirit of hard working

We never sit and wish, we dream and act

We are committed to make a progressive development 

And show the world that we can.