Art and Music Center

Student Painting Anne Heyman

The Art and Music Center is where artistic extracurricular activities take place, and where Enrichment Year and Senior 4 students participate in their chosen art enrichment program. The Art and Music Center is a place where students who may not be comfortable opening up at first can come to express themselves and heal from past traumas. 

Many students arrive at the Village unaware of their talent. Some of our best artists had never even held a paintbrush before they came to us.  Thanks to the Art and Music Center, they are able to study and practice a range of subjects, from traditional and modern painting to music production and recording. Because of the kindness and compassion of our generous supporters, who regularly donate instruments, recording studio equipment, and art supplies, our students have the resources they need to cultivate new skills and interests.

Student Painting Sign
Student Painting
Students in Recording Studio