The Liquidnet Family High School


The Liquidnet Family High School (LNFHS) is located at the highest point in the Village, both physically and spiritually, to emphasize the importance of education. When you ask our students what the difference is between our school and the schools they attended in the past, they often say, "At LNFHS, the teachers ask us what we think, not only what we know." Our teaching staff is dynamic and strongly believes in creating a student-centered learning environment.

Like other schools in Rwanda, our classes are taught in English. Many of our students are largely unfamiliar with the language, and so our first year focuses on the English language, critical thinking, and basic computer skills. During this Enrichment Year, we strive to narrow the gap between our students' varied abilities, teaching them how to learn while preparing them for a comprehensive secondary school education. Beginning in their second year, our students choose a combination, or academic focus. Examples include HEG (History, Economics, Geography) and PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). In addition to their combinations, students take courses in General Paper (Rwandan and East African Sociology), Entrepreneurship, French, English, and Information Technology.  In preparation for Rwanda's National Exams, our graduating students focus only on their combination courses and a few subsidiary courses.

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