Keeping up to date with asyv alumni

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Christian Uwineza

Class of 2014, graduated in January 2015

Christian Uwineza is currently studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Before attending the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, he studied at the Petit Séminaire Virgo Fidelis. However, he felt that he lacked vision or goals. When he began at Agahozo-Shalom, he became more involved with sports, serving as captain of the basketball team for two years, and he performed better academically. At Agahozo-Shalom he “learned that there are no limits on my education and that I can study whatever I want, and wherever I want.” After graduation, Christian wants to return to Rwanda to help in the development of better agricultural practices.

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Claude irankunda

Claude is currently a student at the University of Rochester.


emmanuel nkundunkundiye

Emmanuel is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania.


henry kabiyona

Class of 2014

Henry Kabiyona is currently studying at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. To him, the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village is home, a place which provides both an excellent education and a family. In his view, the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village is a bridge to his future life.


Liliane Pari Umuhoza

Class of 2012

Liliane explained in an interview, "I am a genocide survivor; I was 2 years old during the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda. Experiencing such a tragedy at an early age, and mostly facing its consequences when growing up, has been a driving force behind my desire to acknowledge injustice and raise my voice wherever I see injustice happening. It also taught me to be an optimistic person, with a passion for being a voice to those who can't raise a voice for themselves. Furthermore, I am a feminist because I’ve realized that women are most often the victims when it comes to injustice and violence".

When asked about her passions, Liliane said: "I value education because I believe that with education I am able to make my dreams a reality, make a difference, and be the change I want to see, as Mahatma Gandhi said. I have been blessed to be part of ASYV, because I learnt to believe in myself, dream big, set goals and achieve them. ASYV changed my life from a victim to a victor. Happiness is a choice I made and a word I share (I am happy person), not because the world has been fair to me, but because I figured out that you can face challenges and be happy no matter your past".

Liliane attends Juniata College in Pennsylvania, where she is studying peace and conflict studies, and communication. She would like to work with humanitarian organizations in the future. 

immaculee mugwaneza

Immaculee Mugwaneza is currently studying Public Health as a MasterCard scholar at Arizona State University. She was born on September 5th, 1994. Before she was born, her father was killed during the genocide.  Afterwards, Immaculee’s mother struggled to raise her and her three brothers. Arriving at the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village completely changed Immaculee’s life. In her own words, “the village gave me hope, love, and transformed me into a responsible servant-leader.” It was there that she made it a point to strive for her goals. Her dream is to become an infection preventionist, so that she can assist in solving sanitation issues in Rwanda.

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Jean Kagame

Graduated from ASYV’s first class (Urumuli grade)

Jean Kagame is currently studying Economics and International Development Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Before coming to the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, Jean says that he had a dream, but no stable ground to stand on. On December 15th 2008, the Village provided that stable ground, as well as a family that Jean, “will always be proud of.” During his time at the Village, he was taught to believe in himself and work hard towards what he believes is right. Finally, Jean would like to stress how thankful he is to Agahozo-Shalom and its supporters. Without that support, “the dreams of thousands like me would have remained vague.”

Innocent Nzayisenga

Class of 2013-Imbuto grade; Graduated in January 2014

Innocent Nzayisenga, also called Blameless, is currently studying International Development and Music Technology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. At the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, Innocent was able to cultivate his talents by running the village’s music recording studio. Through the Tikkun Olam program, he also learned to give back to the surrounding community, including his community in Montreal. Innocent’s long-term vision is to serve as an advocate for the voiceless through his passion for music. Thanks to his time at Agahozo-Shalom, Innocent realized that “If you believe it and keep envisioning it, you can indeed achieve it.”


jeaninne ingabire

Jeaninne currently studies at Arizona State University. 


Marie Claire Nyiribambe

Class of 2014

Marie is 22 years old, and came to ASYV in 2011. "Before coming to Agahozo Shalom, I was studying at Groupe Scolaire Mere Du Verbe Kibeho. It is a secondary school that is in my district. Life for me was not very easy, both in terms of my studies and for myself. It was not easy for my mother to find everything required by the school, and sometimes I lost hope in my future because of the life I lived at that moment. In addition,   the life I had was full of tears before ASYV. For instance, most of the time I felt fear inside myself, which means that I lacked self-confidence. I used to live in an environment where people sometimes discouraged anyone who have goodimprovement for his, her life. All of these things, and many more, affected me negatively before my life at ASYV.   Briefly, life before ASYV was full of tears, a life without hope for the future, a life without confidence etc".

When asked about her life at ASYV, Marie explained, "I was blessed to study at the Liquidnet Family High School and I was blessed to have ASYV as my family. I can assure everyone that ASYV is a place where tears are dried depending on the life. ASYV is family to me, and I was happy to have the siblings and mother and our grand sisters and our grand brothers and everyone who is there to help ASYV’s students. I learned how to have self-confidence through different discussions that we had in family time, and in clubs, where everyone could express herself or himself. I remember while I was in senior five we were going to choose professional skills. I planned to choose Agriculture. There were seven students studying agriculture as a professional skill, and I was the only girl, but I was very proud of myself because I knew what I wanted. Because of the Presentation that I saw that talks about EARTH University.  At ASYV, I was able to explain To Madam First Lady Jeanette Kagame about modern farming". 

Marie currently studies at Costa Rica's Earth University, studying agricultural engineering and natural resources management.


maurice ntagungira

Maurice is currently studying at Arizona State University.


Peace Grace Muhizi

Peace was born in Rwanda during the Genocide against the Tutsi. During this difficult time, she lost both of her parents. She was raised by her aunt in the western province of Rwanda. Peace Grace is a graduate of ASYV, and during her time in the village she was a leader and an example to others. She believed in hard work, with a vision to win an international scholarship to study abroad. Meeting with great success in the National Exams, she competed to be part of the Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program. From 1700 applicants, she placed among the 30 best students to receive an admission. With the help of Bridge2Rwana and her tremendous hard work and commitment, she was admitted to Agnes Scott College with a full scholarship. Peace Grace is now a rising sophomore, and she will major in international relations and minor in woman's studies. She is passionate about women's rights and politics in general. Her aim is to go back home after university and contribute to the development of Rwanda by using her knowledge and leadership skills. 

Peace Grace believes that she is powerful beyond measure. She finds happiness through helping and healing the world. She enjoys music and reading books in her free time. Peace Grace believes that her mission is to always strive for the best in life and give back to her own community by helping others discover their own talents, and by serving her Nation—Rwanda, to maintain the legacy of Anne Heyman.

Pacifique Rutamu

Class of 2013

Pacifique is currently majoring in Business at Texas Christian University. 

Pacifique describes his admittance to ASYV as "An opportunity that ultimately determined my later success in life. I had all the support I needed to turn my life around. I improved my grades, explored my talents (dancer, Mc, actor), met people, and had fun. But most importantly- I found my identity. I am someone who knows his mission for himself, and for the people that need my help the most". After graduating, Pacifique attended the pre-gap year program Bridge2Rwanda, which helps currently high-school graduates in Rwanda compete for international scholarships. 

Pacifique's favorite quote is, "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier."

--- Mother Teresa. 

"This quote means so much to me because it reminds me of the love that compelled Anne Heyman to work so hard in order to start ASYV, and the impact she made to every child and staff member of the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village. The quote also reminds me of the importance of our slogan, "Pay it forward." I try to love as much as I can in order to impact the world the same way I was impacted during my time at ASYV". 

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Patrick Munyurangabo

Patrick is currently studying at British Colombia University in Vancouver, Canada.


Serge Byusa Jabo

Class of 2014

Serge Byusa Jabo is currently studying Computer Science at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Serge was uncertain of his future before attending the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, but he knew that he wanted a good education, and he knew that he wanted to use that education to assist in Rwanda’s development. The Village provided Serge with an education, and gave him the opportunity to explore his academic and extracurricular interests. In particular, Serge developed a passion for science, mathematics, and computers as vice-president of the Research and Development Club. To better contribute to the development of the African continent and the world in general, Serge aspires to learn as much as he can. 


claude mahoro

Claude is currently a student at Arizona State University.