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Our goal at The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village is to heal and educate vulnerable Rwandan youth, helping them to realize their maximum potential and become socially responsible citizens.






A message from our board chair

Dear ASYV Family,
Every January in the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village brings a new beginning. Our 11th class
of kids is settling into the Village, the school year will be getting started, and the Village hums
with the sound of our kids learning about each other, their new family, and their new home. 
As our kids grow, we help them figure out their passions, their values, and their place in the
world around them. Looking toward its own adolescence, ASYV is doing the same. The
Board and staff of ASYV just completed a new strategic mission and vision for the Village
and have started drafting the strategic plan on the ground. As we grow, we’re determining
what we want our future to be and how we can be the best family for the 528 kids living in the
Village every day. 
This is an incredibly exciting time for us! As we see far and plan for the future, our kids also
have successes every day that make us proud.

I hope you’ll read the stories on the blog and our social media, sign up for our newsletter,
and follow along with the kids as they continue to go to school at the Liquidnet Family High
School, learn new talents and skills in our enrichment programs, support their Village
families, and build exciting new futures for themselves and their communities. 
As always, we’re grateful for your partnership, support, and love for our kids.

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Laurie Toll Franz,

Board Chair, Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village

Asyv's annual gala - save the date!

Join the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village as we bring our weekly talent show, Village Time, to Broadway on May 21st!

Mark your calendar for an evening that will transport you.

Visit to reserve your tickets or sponsorship. Questions? Email Megan McHale of Astic Productions at

Please visit this link for a list of our generous sponsors. 

  • …make a difference in the lives of the people around you, share what you have learned with those less fortunate than you & always help those in need…

    — Anne Heyman, Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village Founder

  • ASYV became my everything. I am now a girl that is brave enough to share my ideas and confident enough to state my opinion even when everyone else opposes. The Village is my home and it has helped me shine.

    — ASYV Student, Germaine Uwimpuhwe
  • Before arriving in the Village, I was directionless. The Village helped to restore hope and I now have my future destination within sight.

    — ASYV Student, Fabrice Mpozenzi


Meet Ornella

Describing my life before ASYV wouldn't be so easy. I had no dreams really, no ambitions. I never really knew what my tomorrow would be like. I grew up with only my mother at home alone and I didn't have any siblings around me.

When I got here at ASYV the first thing that they told me was that dreams are necessary in life. Stop thinking and just do it. And that's what I decided to do.

While studying at The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, I was four times the National Debate champion. I started the "Girl Up" group, which is a female only club that empowers other girls.

ASYV offered a family. They offered me a community where I had people around me and they were all motivating me to tell me you can do it. I never had that person who tells me “You know what? You can climb that mountain.”

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